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Positions are available for highly motivated post-doctoral fellows and students who are interested in a master's and doctoral thesis to study molecular parasitology in a multidisciplinary environment.

Please fill out the application form below to apply to the lab. If there is an position available

and your application is considered a good fit for the lab, we will contact you about arranging an interview and a chance to meet the other members of the lab. If you do not hear from us before any application deadlines, it means that unfortunately there isn't any suitable position for you in the lab.

Please be sure to specify your area of interest in the application form.

To learn more, please have a look at our current research projects and publications.

Please note that we are deeply committed to enacting plans in the Salavati Lab to help reduce systemic bias problems, prevent discrimination, and improve inclusivity. As such, EDI will be a component of the selection process when we are considering applicants to the lab.

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Please submit this application to apply for undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctorate

positions in Reza Salavati's Lab at McGill University. 

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